Chocolates or Rose Bears: What Makes the Better Gift?

It’s safe to say that chocolates make for a timeless present. Many people love receiving a sweet treat or two on their birthday, or on anniversaries. It’s a lovely way to show someone that you care for them, and that you think about them! Buying someone their favourite chocolates shows that you understand what they like, and that you have put plenty of time and effort into thinking of them. But what about rose bears? Our rose bear creations make for truly stunning, unique gifts perfect for any occasion. But then again, chocolates are really versatile. So – what’s the verdict – which works better as a gift idea? Chocolates Chocolates are sweet, tasty, and there are seemingly unlimited varieties. Picking someone’s favourite box or brand of chocolates as a gift idea is also really sweet. However, chocolates can be unhealthy! They are fantastic as the occasional treat, but too many will not do much for your health. If you’re giving a gift to someone who is health-conscious or is on a diet, are chocolates really going to be the best choice? Probably not. What’s more, chocolates don’t tend to last very long. If you’re giving your loved one a box of chocs and they are likely to enjoy them, chances are that they will be gone within a few days! They are wonderful to give and to receive, but they just don’t have that lasting appeal. They don’t make memories quite in the same way that unique gift ideas do! However, everyone’s tastes are slightly different, which is why it’s always important to consider individual wants and needs. Rose Bears Rose bears, on the other hand, are unique and enduring gift ideas. Hand-made from foamiran flowers and built to order, a rose bear is a fantastic way to show someone you care. Our bears are all bespoke and are hand-picked as per your desires. Therefore, you are immediately buying into something a little more personal than a simple box of chocolates! Rose bears bring together the best of several different gift ideas. Tired of giving soft toys? Want to give your loved one flowers, but don’t want them to wilt and die after only a few days? Synthetic foamiran flowers are made to last, meaning that unlike traditional rose bouquets, you can keep our bears on display for weeks at a time. What a great way to create a memory! The Verdict Rose bears – of course – are the winners in this contest! They are long-lasting, timeless and bring together flowers and soft toy gifts without the threat of hayfever or wilting. They are superior to chocolates in that they won’t disappear after a few days, and they won’t damage your teeth! Choose a rose bear for a loved one that fits their personality. Why not send a unique message in a card, too? Choose a gift that’s unique, personal, and which is likely to create wonderful memories for years to come. In our opinion, there really is no better option! Rose Bear UK